The vacuum pump created for chemical applications

A new age has begun for double stage oil bath pumps used for chemical processes. No more oil degradation or damaging corrosion phenomena caused by the sucked vapors' aggression.

By applying the technology to ZeroCorrosion® vacuum pumps, the whole system has been rendered totally resistant thanks to innovative measures such as:

~ Internal surfaces' permanent protection

~ Lubricant fluid unalterable in time

~ Special anti-corrosion filter

After years of continuous use on the field for harsh applications such as:

~ Highly corrosive processes in laboratory

~ Vacuum drying ovens for active ingredients and pharmaceutical products

~ Freeze drying (trifluoracetic acid, acetonitrile, methanol, ethanol, water vapor, etc.

~ Plasma sterilization (peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide 60%)

we can really declare that a new age has begun for double stage oil bath vacuum pumps, thus realizing every chemist's dream:

"START & GO" without being subjected anymore to production hold ups caused by frequent oil changes, failures and costly repairs in the medium to long term.

~ Attestation of performance achieved

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